December 11, 2023

Take Action


Today, right now, the best thing you can do is: 

  • See REAL NEWS here! Are you even aware the better than 95% of the “news” that’s ‘out there’ is a PsyOp? TV, YouTube, Rumble, Social Media… you name it.  False ‘Facts’ are then ‘fact checked’ by phony ‘fact-checkers‘. Everyone has an agenda. Even news that appears to be on whatever ‘side’ you’re on tells you a false story. But now, We’re now ALL on the SAME SIDE, against THEM. These documentaries contain only facts, no PsyOp “spin”. Please watch intently.
  • Help get the word out of what we’re doing. Refer your friends to this website. Ask them to donate to the massive advertising campaign.
  • Contribute. If you’ve already donated – THANK YOU (repeat donations are welcome). If you haven’t already, please don’t hesitate. This is your opportunity  to become a part of history as we take our country back from evil. Click Here to Donate

Why Join Us!

  • Unite with Californians at home and away for the betterment of the State
  • Participate in coordinated efforts in and outside your area  
  • Experience a place to exchange ideas, sound new ones and receive support and guidance
  • Educate Californians on fact based history, traditions and information
  • Engage with organizations driving Initiatives, Voter Integrity and Mandatory Vaccinations
  • Volunteer in the 100% Grassroots Movement to Save Our State and Country

Help Make California Great Again